About This (Crappy) Blog

This blog is a product of the author‘s Brain Cell Diarrhea. It is sad that his introvert background was not able to subdue his pen’s roaring outbursts to write. Thus, it would not be any wonder if this blog exhibits lack of coherence, grammatical clarity and neatness. Topics are arranged out of his crappy desires, with no definite agenda and all out of fun blogging and a strong/compelling urge to write.

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He violently argues that if you have an idea and you believe it’s brilliant (no matter how crappy others might think of it) capture it! Write! And post it to posterity.
It’s 2014. We live in the era where Apple and Black Berry are no longer considered fruits. We live in the time of smart phones and stupid people.

We are in a deranged Era where people twit rather than talk, stab people at their walls other than their back, and all we thought our world revolves around our FB walls but in reality, we built walls upon which our lonely Universe revolves. Write! Blog!

If you no longer see any updates on this blog, please be aware that the Author could have been cured from Brain Cell Diarrhea, realized that there’s more to life than the internet, forgotten the password (due to signs of aging), or sadly died of tumor due to stress from work! (Thanks for the Empathy and happy blogging! =)



(Ang blog na ito, sa karamihan ng pagkakataon, ay binubuo ng mga artikulong ginagamitan ng Filipino at sa kalimitan ay Ingles na Lenguwahe.
This blog is mainly transcribed in Filipino and few posts in English, unless otherwise requested by my imaginary readers. Lol!)

Parang instructional manual lang ng appliances, transcribed sa dala-dalawang lenguwahe. Gulo! hahaha.


As the Author also needs to prioritize work, family and (imaginary) social life, this blog would always reflect an incomplete road that gradually and continually morphs into its final form as construction goes on. Same with Life, it would always be a “work in progress”. =)




Jeyffer Mendez (Jeff M.D.C.)


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