This is who the culprit is!

This is who the culprit is!

The creature who created this blog is a self-proclaimed (eager and frustrated) writer, who doesn’t really have any traces of writing prowess but has all the God given talent of pushing his luck and grabbing the title even if it means aiming for the Moon. It is not yet clear if he is capable of being tired from writing (craps), but it is vivid and apparent that he’s surely capable of going where his heart tells him to (where his happiness is).

It is his delusion that if something would make you or your loved ones happy (whether it’ll be writing or what not), singing, dancing or whatever under the Sun, go for it! Own your happiness even if the heavens fall. Tattoo Nike’s Motto (on your forehead): “Just Do It!” (Thank you Sponsors! =)) Because if you hesitate and deprive yourself or your loved-ones with this chance of grabbing that happiness, we may just leave it to chance that we could get the same opportunity again.

The Author reinforces this crappy statements with his “semi-plagiarized” Mantra that states: ” Never question the decisions you’ve made and the path you’ve taken in life, for it would not change what’s in your past. If writing makes you happy, then write (craps! =)) If you love a person, then free yourself of torture and just say it! If your passion is music or teaching, then just do it! Forget about what the mob would say against you. Never sacrifice who you are just because someone else has a problem with it. Because if you succeed, it would not be because of them (your ever loyal critiques), nor of what you have, but mostly of WHO YOU ARE”.

Whoever the Author is, despite of all who he is or who he is not, he’s still like any other lucky creatures under the Heavens, mostly, richly blessed

—-» Nagku-kuta sa tagong baryo sa bayan ng Malolos, Bulakan (pronounced with Bulakenyo accent). —-» Nag-sayang ng buhay sa pagkuha ng Kursong Bayolohiya.

—-» Kasalukuyang nagbu-buwis ng buhay bilang Guro.

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